Friday, May 24, 2013

How to write a good Movie review

Well me may have blog or website about movie reviews but few of us know how to write a good movie review. So today i will discuss some of the good points on how can we write a good movie review. First of all i will say that it is better and easier if you watch the movie personally several times. It is better and will be easier for you to write a review about a movie this way.

If you want to write a movie review or any kind of reviews than first you organize the things that you will write. Starting with the movie title and everything below it must be well organized and step by step. It will be a lot easier if you write reviews in an organized and step by step rule. First think of the movie and find what is the movie really about and what messages it gives to its audience. Every movie gives some message or overview to their audience. Just try to find the main story of the movie and than organizing the events step by step and you will see that writing movie reviews is not that hard after all. You can including the rating of the movie in your review post and all also give your personal conclusion about the movie and it should be placed in the end of the post. 

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