Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mystic River Movie Review

Mystic River was released in 2003 winter. The movie knocked the heart of many thriller lovers and came out  a success. Mystic River is a movie about kidnapping of little kids. The movie starts with a kidnapping of a 11 years old boy who than escapes and become mentally ill and disturbed. Later many kidnapping takes place and the kidnappers remains a mystery. One day an eight years old girl get kidnapped and the people of the area becomes restless. The family of the girl than hire two professional homicide detectives to find their daughter. The girl's uncle and aunt hire a detective couple to solve the case and find there daughter. The victims mother is drug addict and an irresponsible parent. So the story goes through a lots of suspicions and thrilling events and finally comes to an end with a.....you must watch and see before i spoil the thrill of the movie. Awesome movie to watch and definitely worth watching. Later guys.

Mystic River Movie Ratings

Imdb rating: 8.0/10
Rottan tomatoes: 87% of out 100%
Metascore: 84/100

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shootout At Wadala Movie Review

Shootout At Wadala 

Shootout At Wadala:

Yet another good Indian action movie SHOOTOUT AT WADALA. I saw the movie personally and i liked it a lot. Its based on  true events in the early 80s where the gangs in India overuled the streets and police. Shootout at Wadala in one of the movie that will give you the idea of the gangs which ruled the streets of India and how the crimes or criminals were born. Shootout at Wadala is considered to be the part 2 of Shootout at Lokhanwala but Shootout at wadala is actually not the sequel of the previous one. Its different. Based on another Indian crime story. The Actress Kangana came with the role of a simple Indian girl who falls in love with simple college boy (John Abraham) when than becomes a highly rated gangster for a false police arrest. The movie Shootout at wadala contains three block buster hit item songs with three known bollywood beauties. The first item "Laila" featuring Sunny Leone, the second "Babli Baadmash hai" featuring Priyanka Chopra and the third "Manya Ala" featuring Sophie Chaudhary. The three item songs in the movie Shootout at wadala became hit and well accepted by the audiences. The movie Shootout at wadala is full of actors with great acting skills. Actors like Anil Kapoor, John Abrham, Jacky shroff, Kangana Ranawat and many other known faces are in the movie. In my vision i will give the movie a 7 out 10 rating and consider to be one of the best action movie ever based on Gang wars and rivalries. I hope every one will enjoy watching Shootout at wadala and share their own experiences. Good day everyone.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wrong Movie Review

Wrong 2012
Movie Review:
Dolph Springer wakes up one morning to understand he has lost the love of his life, his dog, Paul. throughout his quest to urge Paul (and his life) back, Dolph radically changes the lives of others: a pizza-delivering nymphomaniac, a jogging-addict neighbor in search of completeness, AN timeserving French-Mexican gardener, ANd an off-kilter pet detective. In his journey to search out Paul, Dolph might lose one thing even a lot of vital: his mind

Imdb Rating: 6.1 out of 10
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Loop Movie Review

Movie Review:
An ex-cop turned producer follows Detective Bill Moore, a seasoned veteran of the Houston killing department,  has teamed up with Samantha Scott, a young detective still learning the ropes. a novel series of murders is going on in Houston- a serial murderer is yield iteration videos of the murders at each crime scene. The investigation takes a toll on the 2 detectives. Bill's previous demons square measure re-emerging and push him to the edge.

Imdb Rating: 4.4 out of 10
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Dorfman In Love Movie Review

Movie Review:
 Dorfman enamored tells the story of a young single resident unwittingly unfree in her role as caretaker of her thankless family, who urgently has to get her own life. once she volunteers to cat sit at her unanswered love's downtown L.A loft, her world, as she is aware of it, changes forever. In seven days, she meets another man who appreciates her and he or she not solely transforms the mess of a loft however conjointly transforms the mess of herself. Her journey of uncovering leads her to seek out her true love

Imdb Rating: 4.8 out of 10
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Friday, May 24, 2013

How to write a good Movie review

Well me may have blog or website about movie reviews but few of us know how to write a good movie review. So today i will discuss some of the good points on how can we write a good movie review. First of all i will say that it is better and easier if you watch the movie personally several times. It is better and will be easier for you to write a review about a movie this way.

If you want to write a movie review or any kind of reviews than first you organize the things that you will write. Starting with the movie title and everything below it must be well organized and step by step. It will be a lot easier if you write reviews in an organized and step by step rule. First think of the movie and find what is the movie really about and what messages it gives to its audience. Every movie gives some message or overview to their audience. Just try to find the main story of the movie and than organizing the events step by step and you will see that writing movie reviews is not that hard after all. You can including the rating of the movie in your review post and all also give your personal conclusion about the movie and it should be placed in the end of the post. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Christian Movie review

Passion of the christ
Christian movies are the most popular movies in Hollwood industry. Most of the Good and exceptional moves are mainly christian movies. You can see almost everyone in the Hollywood industry are Christians and so its obvious that christian movies are growing and will grow in the near future. The world's population is almost fifty percent christian. Ok its enough about the population and another things lets go back to the movies. The christian movies are rising in Hollywood not because of their mass population but because of their creativity. The movies in 2012 and 2013 showed us lots of creativity and outstanding acting of Hollywood superstars. They are really awesome. I can never forget the movies like BATMAN, SPIDERMAN, INCEPTION, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, THE GODFATHER SERIES, SCARFACE, BEAUTIFUL MIND and many successful movies. Please watch these movies i mentioned if you still haven't. Awesome movies and will worth watching. The movies which may change the way you think can be seen only on Hollywood industry. Stay safe and enjoy watching the Hollywood movies.