Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shootout At Wadala Movie Review

Shootout At Wadala 

Shootout At Wadala:

Yet another good Indian action movie SHOOTOUT AT WADALA. I saw the movie personally and i liked it a lot. Its based on  true events in the early 80s where the gangs in India overuled the streets and police. Shootout at Wadala in one of the movie that will give you the idea of the gangs which ruled the streets of India and how the crimes or criminals were born. Shootout at Wadala is considered to be the part 2 of Shootout at Lokhanwala but Shootout at wadala is actually not the sequel of the previous one. Its different. Based on another Indian crime story. The Actress Kangana came with the role of a simple Indian girl who falls in love with simple college boy (John Abraham) when than becomes a highly rated gangster for a false police arrest. The movie Shootout at wadala contains three block buster hit item songs with three known bollywood beauties. The first item "Laila" featuring Sunny Leone, the second "Babli Baadmash hai" featuring Priyanka Chopra and the third "Manya Ala" featuring Sophie Chaudhary. The three item songs in the movie Shootout at wadala became hit and well accepted by the audiences. The movie Shootout at wadala is full of actors with great acting skills. Actors like Anil Kapoor, John Abrham, Jacky shroff, Kangana Ranawat and many other known faces are in the movie. In my vision i will give the movie a 7 out 10 rating and consider to be one of the best action movie ever based on Gang wars and rivalries. I hope every one will enjoy watching Shootout at wadala and share their own experiences. Good day everyone.

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