Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mystic River Movie Review

Mystic River was released in 2003 winter. The movie knocked the heart of many thriller lovers and came out  a success. Mystic River is a movie about kidnapping of little kids. The movie starts with a kidnapping of a 11 years old boy who than escapes and become mentally ill and disturbed. Later many kidnapping takes place and the kidnappers remains a mystery. One day an eight years old girl get kidnapped and the people of the area becomes restless. The family of the girl than hire two professional homicide detectives to find their daughter. The girl's uncle and aunt hire a detective couple to solve the case and find there daughter. The victims mother is drug addict and an irresponsible parent. So the story goes through a lots of suspicions and thrilling events and finally comes to an end with a.....you must watch and see before i spoil the thrill of the movie. Awesome movie to watch and definitely worth watching. Later guys.

Mystic River Movie Ratings

Imdb rating: 8.0/10
Rottan tomatoes: 87% of out 100%
Metascore: 84/100

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